St. Joseph school at Indara started in the year 1950 by the initiative of the missionaries who came to work in this area in the year 1947. This was the unique school in those years which started to give education for rural population specially the poor farmers and their children. It was managed under local authority of the group of village called the GRAM PANCHAYAT. School was making progress in number of the children coming to get education. The main focus was given to the education of the girl child. School established its identity as SCHOOL FOR THE POOR AND MARGINALIZED. THE missionaries specially the Franciscan Missionary Brothers worked as the pioneers. They laid the foundation for purpose of providing good education for the people of the neglected class of the society. The work of creating an awareness among the rural population to join the school was the main challenge those days. The children of the farmers were not well motivated for sending the children to school. Therefore it was the primary work of the missionaries to create awareness among the Dalits ( Suppressed Class) to take up studies which was necessary factor for better future.

In this process The Two other religious congregation namely the NORBERTINE FATHERS FROM JABALPUR AND THE MISSIONARY SISTERS OF THE QUEENS OF THE APOSTLES FROM VARANASI joined THE MISSION STATION the take part is the growing work of education.

In the year 1962 school was granted the approval from the department of education by the government till class 5. It was further upgraded till class VIII and was granted approval from the government in the year 1972. school was functioning well therefore government selected the section of Junior high school that is from class V to Class VIII for teachers salary Grant. Since then 8 teachers and 2 non teaching employees are getting government scale salaries. By this stage 630 children were getting their education.

This school was upgraded till class X in the year 1993. The Government granted the approval for upgrading with the condition that the management will make the necessary arrangement of salaries for the teachers in the year 1994. Response was the children were good. The number of the children went up to 840. New school building was constructed for High School which was attached with the old wing.

Any school education is considered to be complete before entering into University education after passing class XII. By this time the age group of students are 16 to 18. When the school was till class X there were many difficulties for the students to get admission in other school for two years of class XI and XII. To solve this problem a major step was taken to get Government Approval to conduct classes till XII which was grated in the year 2005. This stage is called INTERMEDIATE COLLEGE in the State of U.P. unlike many other States of India it is known as Higher Secondary/ Senior Secondary school/ Pre University etc.

This approval was granted with certain condition which has to be fulfilled as soon as possible that was to CONSTRUCT A SEPARAT WING FOR PRIMARY CLASSES. In the Education code it is spelled out that the Intermediate school/ college can not be attached to primary section. This provision is in keeping with the age level of the students. Where the primary kids need different atmosphere than the boys and girls of the age group of 12 years to 18 years age group of students. Therefore the need for constructing a separate Primary and Pre Primary section is a mandatory by the Code of Intermediate Education Act.